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Select Token Holders Are Granted
Access To Premium Features.

The DEFI space has been saturated with unexperienced developers, lying designers, and scammers galore!

With your own personal Rolodex you are now connected. Say goodbye to:

  • Hours of wasted time and energy trying to connect with a desired influencer or dev.

  • Being taken advantage of by middlemen and resellers. "20K for CMC, sayy whaaaa"?!

  • Gambling on quality using saturated freelance marketplaces and self promoting telegram job seekers. 

  • Losing vital marketing funds being scammed by a stranger with a trending bot charging 1/3 the price...

Expert Developers 

Well-versed in smart contracts, Web3, platforms, NFTs, and all your early defi needs.


Rather than agreeing to pay a designer that posted in your telegram chat with stolen artwork, choose one of our skilled artists to work with directly

Listing Site Assistance

Get your project listed on the worlds top listing sites through the verified providers. No more dealing with scammers or resellers.

Influencers & Marketers

Now you have a direct line to all top influencers and necessary marketing experts to meet those previously hard to find needs. 

Direct Providers, Elite Results

Why Providers Use Rolodex

  • You are no longer spammed with messages requesting your services. With Rolodex you will now receive notifications, requests, and messages all in the same place. 
  • You can now screen requests before initiating conversation saving time for both parties. 
  • No longer deal with trying to collect payment after service resting assured that the funds have already been collected into our escrow contract. 
  • For the first time become "Verified' on telegram as an industry leader in your space. 

Born with a simple idea in mind, to cut the bullshit...

Too often the team of a project is taken advantage of by solicitors in telegram claiming to be able to help the project only to run off with their money leaving them high and dry.

Through years of experience and accumulation, we built the database that you can now access.

Starting with a direct service bot then a transition to a full service platform, you will be able to connect directly with everything needed to make your project a success.

Road Map 



  • Rolodex Token launch.

  • CMC listing, Dex Trending, major marketing.

  • Onboarding of initially selected providers to Rolodex.

  • Launch Rolodex Bot within 7 days of token launch.

  • 200 elite providers using Rolodex.



  • Launch of Rolodex premium features. 

  • Whale Loans, Staking, RLDX launchpad 

  • 300+ elite service providers using Rolodex. 

  • Community growth to 10K members.  

  • V1 of Rolodex platform to go live.



  • Further platform development with expanded premium features.

  • Continued successful launches by RLDX launchpad

  • Additional whale loan opportunites 



  • Rolodex will be the top resource for hiring and collaborating with elite providers used by the majority of top influencers, developers, artists, and other industry providers. 

  • Partnerships with crypto and non crypto top corporations. 

  • Rolodex used for staffing Blue-chip projects. 

  • Crowd funding platform.

  • Collaboration platform to build your perfect team.

  • Whale tank.

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